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i haven't seen him around
in a while
the boy that fell in love
with the girl that disappeared.

I heard he hasn't dated
since then.
coz he knows that shes out there,
not dating other men.

Searching across the world,
searching time and space,
He cant find the girl,
not even a trace.

What else could he do,
he came up with a plan
just to see this girl again
that's where it all began

The boy thought, If i cant find her,
then she will find me
and how else than to start
his own chocolaterie.

Makes the best chocolates in the world
they say,
even diabetics are willing to pay

personally he sells
each bon-bon
looks his customer in the eyes
just to see if they are the one.

then one day a girl walks in,
she tries to decide as she is rubbing her chin
finally asks for the chocolate twist

he looks her in the eyes
and time slows down,
he knows she is the one
to wear the wedding gown


sadly this is where the story
takes a twist,
he was in love with the girl.
and they even kissed.

She didn't love him back,
that was that.
All she really wanted.
was endless free chocolate

he closed his shop that was on the
second floor
not ever to return forever more

and as he quietly handed over the key
the super put her hand on his,
and said come with me.
she said

Iv'e been waiting for that girl
to break your heart in 2.
just waiting for you 2
to be through.

So that finally you can see
that we are meant to be,
let me take you out,
away from the chocolaterie


He pulled away from her hand
you just want me for my chocolate, I just cant!

She grabbed him by his big head,
and looked him right in the eye,
said I'm lactose intolerant idiot, and i don't lie.

Last time i saw him he smiled ear to ear.
Don't give up on love he yelled with a cheer

as he ran away with his new girl
on his honeymoon...all over the world.


from Adam Hoek's 52, track released January 9, 2014



all rights reserved


ADAMHOEK Huizen, Netherlands

Adam Hoek, is a 1 man creative machine. He releases weekly music videos on youtube which he writes, records and edits himself. They vary between the delicate and the absurd.

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