I Feel A Song Coming On


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released May 4, 2013



all rights reserved


ADAMHOEK Huizen, Netherlands

Adam Hoek, is a 1 man creative machine. He releases weekly music videos on youtube which he writes, records and edits himself. They vary between the delicate and the absurd.


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Track Name: I'm The Doctor
I tell my son, I'm the doctor
and take photos of him when he's young.
and use, age progression
to make a photo of my teen age son
and ill keep it on the mantle for most of his life
until he finally comes to realize
that its him on the mantle.
it is all true,
That I'm a time traveller just doing what I do.
and my grandpa, and my father were time travellers too

I set this plan in motion many years ago
and wear a screen accurate 11th doctor set of clothes.
to important events around town
weddings and birthdays Just to fool around.

Ill give my son a watch, as part of my plan
with a picture of him inside as an old man.
and he will pass it to his boys and further on
so he can tell him he is a time travels son.
I hope this lie, will never come undone.
Track Name: Coffee Helps Me Poop
coffee, three sips a day
and hello bowel movement, that's what I say
that's what I say

Coffee, it releases the demon
helps me put it in the bowl, and it will be steamin.

coffee helps me poop yeah
Track Name: $2
If i had a million dollars,
where would i spend my money first?

Some people want fancy things and diamond rings
but that stuff is the worst.

My first choice is obvious.
I just want to go have some fun

My first 2 dollars would pay for
A night out with your mom

Im a billionaire
and i dont care
a billionaire
with your mom
Track Name: Good Old Days
I could go where ever i wanted to
and explore NYC
everything was so incredible
that's what life was like for me

back in the day, I played baseball
Taught my friends how to bowl.
Asked out the girls i liked
ate some pizza with Joe.

back in the day

I like to look back at how awesome
it was before responsibility
get in fights with redsox fans just because

It was the good old days
back in the day
Track Name: If I was A Girl
If i was a girl,
I would get pregnant with a man I met at bar,
and I would have an abortion,
and put the fetus in a jar.

Ill preserve it well,
and put it on the shelf,
in a secret room in my house.

I'll do this till
the whole rooms walls are filled
with potato sized
little babys, that never lived and never died

then Ill have a son
and when hes done wrong,
Ill put him in the room
to think about what hes done.

if i was a girl
Track Name: Literally Fell In Love
9 years old, im at school,
fell in love with a girl that i knew.

we were meant to be.

walking around, hand in hand
she stumbled and she fell in the sand.

Broke her ankle you see

hospital for 21 days,
I was in such a haze.
I would do anything to hold her sweet hand again.

climb the big tree close my eyes
fall from really really high.
I broke my leg just to see you again you.

I never got, to see you.
i fell in love for the girl that I knew

I landed in another hospital

I landed in another hospital
Track Name: Marbles
During the week I rock and roll
During the week I also bowl, lose control.
During the week I rock and roll.

But on the weekend I look for my marbles.
Track Name: Teddy
a surpise,
now hold out your hands, nesscaloo.
hey, no peaking,
do you understand?

when you open your eyes,
you have 1 aim
open your eyes then
give this guy a name

Whats his name?
oh, teddys a great name.
make sure, he's not loney
when your going out to play

When you go to camp,
bring him with you too
you can never love him
as much as he loves you

for your child,
you must pass him down, nesscaloo
make sure their not peaking
do you understand.

When they open their eyes
let them give him a name,
when life gets hard
it will take away their pain.